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Super Fine Iridescent Glitter Powder for Resin Craft (3 grams)

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3 grams
Super Fine Iridescent Glitter Powder for Resin Craft (3 grams)

This range of iridescent glitter powder are extremely fine and is excellent with use in UV resin and epoxy resin casting.
When mixed with resin, it is easily mixed and will have super glittery finish. It is not the ordinary type of glitter which might not mix well with resin.
Compared to ordinary glitter, this is much more fine and more glittery.

You can achieve a galaxy glitter effect with these series of glitters.

This series of iridescent glitter powder comes in a easy to dispense tube which will not make a mess when you are crafting.
Each container consist of 3 grams of powder.

You can use this powder with epoxy resin, UV resin, polymer clay, nail art, painting and more.
Just a little will be sufficient when using with resin. Too much of these will make the resin sticky.

Why choose this powder?

✿ It is a super fine glittery powder compare to other glitter powder
✿ It is extremely fine and mix well with resin and doesn't clump