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Super Gloss Sealer Finish for Resin Clay Craft

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Super Gloss Sealer Finish for Resin Clay Craft

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Sophie & Toffee Super Sealer Gloss allows you to achieve a glossy surface on your matte resin pieces.
Each bottle comes in a nail polish like container with a brush tip for easy application.

You can now attain beautiful glossy surfaces when you use a matte mold.
Any mold without a shiny surface can now turn glossy when you apply this gloss.

What's the difference in using our super gloss sealer as compared to ordinary nail polish gloss?

Advantages of using our Super Gloss Sealer:

✿ Less strong odour as compared with nail polish gloss
✿ The gloss will stay strong over time as compared with nail polish gloss which will become matte and whitish over time
✿ Besides acting as a gloss, it also seal the product making the product more sturdy and durable.

Instructions for use:

✿ Apply on dried resin or polymer clay or metal pieces for about 20-30 mins. You can use a hair dryer to speed the drying time up.