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Super Translucent Polymer Clay (56g)

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56 grams
5.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 cm
Super Translucent Polymer Clay (56g)

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This is an excellent polymer clay which are really translucent when dried. It is not hard and not soft, just the right texture for conditioning.
Because of its ease of use, this product is suitable for beginners and yet at the same time could be used to achieve intrinsic details.

The transparency allows you to mix pigment dyes, glitters and still remain translucent. It can also be use together with UV Resin to seal and dome your finished product for greater durability.

The polymer clay is best used within 2 months, it will slowly harden over time and more conditioning will be needed.
Just keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a clean and dry container.

Main properties:

✿ Easy to use, easy to condition
✿ Dries translucent, so you can easily mix with dye and glitters
✿ Bakes wonderfully

Things to note:

✿ Bake at 120-130 degrees for 30mins
✿ Bake on porcelain plate or tray and not on a steel tray
✿ Best used within 2 months of purchase