April's Crystal Tranquil Elves Box  @nectii

In April Elves Box, we sent out a kit to make beautiful crystals! We also launched our newest  Silicone Mold Maker which you can use to make translucent molds. Our latest Silicone Mold Maker is food grade, odourless and cures with no bubbles!

Here's other goodies included in our box:

60g Clear UV Resin Thin

2 x 10g Coloured UV Resin

Crystal Ball Sphere Molds

Holographic Butterfly Flakes

Holographic Dolphin Flakes

2 x Base Stands (exclusive!)

2 x Ring Blanks

The Silicone Mold Maker included is a simple mix of 1:1 ratio. You can use a weighing scale or a measuring cup. Once sorted out, you will need to mix well and thoroughly. For tutorial on the mold maker, you can view the video below.

There are endless possibilites on how you can use the mold maker and the crystal ball spheres. Here's a tutorial on how to make a shaker out of those spheres!

How to use our Silicone Mold Maker:

If you are just starting out on resin, you can do this relatively easy tutorial using the supplies from our April's Box

May 16, 2018

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