What is decoden?

Decoden is a term from the Japanese language and it means to decorate a mobile case!
The first series of decoden are generally decoration with crystals &  rhinestones and they call it "bling bling case".

Today, decoden has evolved to include different types of design/styles and materials! I will be showcasing a few of my favourite ones below (links included).

This pastel design is made with polymer clay, each piece is handmade using  clay. You will need to use glue to paste each piece onto the case.

Photo credit: Ciali in Kawaiiland

This My Little Twins Star design is made entirely by acrylic paint! Most of the pieces are first made using acrylic paint and then paste onto the case.

Photo credit: Deedeegoods

Another pastel pop fairy kei design, I absolutely love this! I believe it is made using resin (correct me if I am wrong!)

Photo credit: Cutecankill

This type of design is of more commonly used and popular.  Whipped cream are first pipped onto the case and you can arrange the cabochons after. Because the nature of whipped cream materials are adhesive, you do not need to apply glue for this type of design. 
Increasingly, character theme designs are highly sought after and desired.

Photo credit: Pennypantsdecoden

You can get most of the supplies from Sophie & Toffee. We are trying to stock up with more varieties and items so that you don't have to look everywhere or pay more for shipping! You can leave us a comment below on what are the materials you hope we can bring in.

I am gonna end this post with a decoden video tutorial from one of our ambassador. It is an introduction for newbies and to share how easy it is to decoden and that everyone can do it. Enjoy and hope you will be inspired!

July 11, 2014


Andrew Mora

Andrew Mora said:

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alex said:

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