Essential Resin Craft Kit

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Sophie & Toffee Essential Resin Craft Kit is everything you need for your resin crafting!

All the tools are packed in our pretty custom zipper bag.

Dropper: Use this to suck up the resin and drop it into molds.

Plastic Spoon: Use this to scoop glitters, pigment and dyes.

Popsicle Stick: Use this to stir your resin mixture.

One-time Usage Cup: Use this for your resin mixture for easy handling and pouring.

Measuring Cup: Use this to measure the mixing ratio of your resin.

Bundle kit contents:

  • 10 x 3ml Dropper
  • 10 x Plastic Spoon
  • 10 x Popsicle Sticks
  • 10 x One-time Usage Cups
  • 5 x 30ml Measuring Cups