Japanese Wind-Chime Mold-Making Elves Box (Limited Edition)


Japanese Wind-Chime Mold-Making Elves Box is an exclusive box curated by S&T.
You will be able to make project for Kawaii Japanese Wind-Chime Mold with this box.

This is a limited edition box, and will be discontinued when sold out.

This price is a discounted box price compared to buying the items separately.

Awesome items in the box:

✿ S&T Mold Maker 260grams
✿ S&T Japanese Wind-Chime Acrylic Blanks (6 designs)
✿ Mold Maker Pigments (4 colors)*
✿ Mold Maker Housings
✿ Pre-Cut Out Design Film for Shakers
✿ PET Transparent Sticker Sheet
✿ S&T Japanese Style Holographic Design Film

* Disclaimer: Mold Maker Pigments has been replaced by Mica Powder due to pigments unstable.