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Pearl Shimmer Pigment Dye

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Green Tea / Mint / Green / Apple Green / Bronze Gold / Gold / Yellow / Silver Black / Crystal White / Red / Fire / Rose / Pink / Light Pink / Chocolate / Brown / Bronze / Blue / Sapphire Blue / Purple
Pearl Shimmer Pigment Dye

Sophie & Toffee newest colorant pigment dye is now available in shimmering pearl colours!
You will only need to use a few drops to achieve the colour you desire. 


With 20 colours, we have covered all the popular shades which are commonly used in crafting.
However, if you need your own custom colours, you can still mix them up!


If you desire a opaque pastel colour, just drop 1 drop of white to mix the colour up. You will easily get a pastel shade.
You can use it with AB epoxy resin or with our UV Resin. Mix and match the dyes to get your desired colors!


This is for crafters who prefer to use a liquid type of colorant. We do however also carry powder type of pearl colours for resin crafting.
Note: You will need to cut off the tip of the applicator in order to use. They are sealed up to prevent leakage.


Advantages of using this version of dye:

✿ Usage of our dye will not interfere with your resin curing
✿ Easier to use as compared to powder type
✿ Precise administering of dye with drop applicator
✿ Can be easily mixed with other pearl colours
✿ No leakage, tip is sealed
✿ 20 colours, no need to pre-mix
✿ No clumps and mix well