3D Miniatures Fast Food Silicone Molds Set


3D Miniatures Fast Food Silicone Mold Set is a high quality, super clear mold.
Use this to make cute miniature dollhouse accessories.

It is made with high-grade soft silicone material.
The soft silicone allows easy demolding and is more durable.

It is also compatible with our UV resin.

This is a shiny mold and the pieces pop out of the mold will be shiny with all the details.

For guide on how to care for your molds click here.


Pack Size: 8 pieces and 1 stickers sheet
Material: Silicone

Takeaway Box: 40mm x 17mm
Hamburger: 20mm ~ 24mm
Soda Cup: 13mm x 29mm
Soda Lids: 14mm
Cup Noodle: 14mm x 27mm
French Fries: 1mm x 15mm
French Fries Box: 12mm x 24mm
Nuggets: 4mm ~ 13mm