Elves Acrylic Shaker Craft Box Limited

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Acrylic Shaker Elves Box is an exclusive box curated by S&T.
You will be able to make 6 different acrylic shaker keychain with this box.

This is a limited edition box, and will be discontinued when sold out.

This price is a discounted box price compared to buying the items separately.

Awesome items in the box:

✿ 6 x Acrylic Shaker Charms (85g) 
✿ 5 x Coloured KeyChains 10g ea 
✿ 1 x Clear Shaker Oil (Food Grade) 55g
✿ 6 x Floating Carbochons Inclusion 5g
✿ 1 x Coloured Pom Pom balls 8mm 5g
✿ 2 x Silver Metal Keychains 25g
✿ 3x Coloured Shaker oil (Food Grade) 70g ea