Chess Pieces Game Tokens Silicone Mold

$20.01 $22.22

Chess Pieces Game Tokens Silicone Mold is an exclusive design by Sophie & Toffee.

This handmade mold is made of superb clear silicone quality with very detailed textured shiny effect.

The pieces from this mold will be shiny while retaining the intrinsic details of the tokens.

Create your full Chess Set with our Square Board Mold and the Chess Design Film.

Pack Size: 6 Molds Set or 1 Mold
King: 52mm x 16mm
Queen: 44mm x 16mm
Bishop: 35mm x 17mm
Knight: 33mm x 17mm
Rook: 29mm x 17mm
Pawn: 27mm x 17mm
Material: Clear Platinum Silicone