Chrome Gold Marker (2mm)

SKU: TA-001

This high gloss liquid chrome gold marker is suitable for stroking, painting, and coloring. Long lasting permanent paint and writes on most surfaces.  Chrome markers can show high-gloss metal reflective effects on a variety of materials.

It is very suitable for use with epoxy resin and resin molds for resin coloring, coaster strokes, domino coloring, writing, painting, etc. If you want a better preservation effect, you can cover it with resin after completion. 

Excellent to use on painting small details on your resin pieces!

  • Please shake the pen holder upward before use.
  • Press the tip down continuously until the ink oozes out.
  • Do not squeeze the tip of the pen during writing.
  • Cover the pen cap after use.

Pack Size: 1 piece
Tip: 2mm