Clay Modelling Tools - 8 pieces


These modelling tools are excellent to use in shaping your clay!
They comes in 8 different designs and the tools are food-graded.

They are useful to shape your flowers, your miniatures, your figurines and can even be used in shaping real cakes and food!

You will get these 8 designs:

- Ball Tool - Essential for flower making. Used to shape, frill and cup petals, leaves etc

- Bone Tool - Excellent for thinning out and smoothing the edges of leaves, petals & frills

- Star Tool - Ideal for creating star indents or creating centres of 5-6 petal flowers

- Bulbous Cone Tool - A multi-purpose tool, used to hollow out numerous shapes and to create frills

- Leaf Shaping Tool - Used to smooth and flute paste and to vein and detail leaves and flowers.

- Serrated Tool - Ideal for marking features on modelled figures such as smiles. Also embosses a serrated pattern.

- Shell & Blade Tool - Ideal for creating simple shell-like designs and for cutting paste.

- Cone & Star Tool - Designed to create cone-shaped hallows and throats on sugar flowers.

Pack Size: 8 pieces