Clear Alcohol Inks for Resin Craft

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Sophie & Toffee newest alcohol ink is now available in clear translucent colours.
This set of colours come with two types of white to achieve your desired results.

The Dense White is used when you want to achieve Petri Dish effect, while with White it will be a normal type of colouring effect.

Note: You will need to cut off the tip of the applicator in order to use. They are sealed up to prevent leakage.
These bottles are under a lot of pressure and you will need to be extra careful when cutting off the tips, as the ink might splatter everywhere.

Advantages of using this version of inks:

- Usage of our dye will not interfere with your resin curing
- Easier to use as compared to powder type
- Precise administering of dye with drop applicator
- No leakage, tip is sealed
- Easy to use and achieve the effect you want

Watch the tutorial:

Pack Size: 15ml
Colors: Dense White / White / Teal / Green / Magenta / Mexican Red / Purple / Violet / Sapphire / Black / Gold / Brown