Coffin Trinket Box + Coffin Lid Shaker

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This is a S&T exclusive designed silicone mold, made with the finest silicone and is a super clear mold.

The structure of the mold is made in a way that it will not deform over time and the super clear mold will not turn yellow or dull with multiple use.

This is a 2 piece silicone mold set, where you will receive a coffin shaped container base with a 2 cm depth with another coffin shaped lid of 1 cm depth.
There is no lip with the lid, so it will just set on the container or you can use a mini hinge to make a cover lid for the coffin base.

Alternatively, you can also use the lid as a shaker charm and purchase our clear film to seal up the surface.

This is a soft and flexible mold, easy to pop out your resin. This is also a shiny mold, so you don't need to glaze your final pieces.

Because of its size, it is recommended that you use epoxy resin with this mold.
The amount to use with these two molds together is 60ml.


Watch the demo tutorial of this mold:


Pack Size: 2 pieces
Measurement: Lid - 75mm x 55mm x 10mm


Measurement-3: Base - 75mm x 55mm x 20mm
Material: Silicone