Cookies & Cream Silicone Mold

$2.44 $3.48

This molds features several designs of different cookies and biscuits. It has one whipped cream and a pretzel. With 6 designs in 1 mold, it's a steal!

This is a high quality transparent silicone mold, flexible and durable. Each of the mold has been quality check to ensure that all details can be picked up.
It can be used with resin, polymer clay and UV gel.

The mold can also be baked together with your polymer clay.

Size of the mold:
48mm x 30mm x 10mm

Size of the piece:
Whipped cream - 10mm
Pretzel - 10mm
Star cookie - 10mm
Big Heart cookie - 20mm x 15mm
Med Heart cookie - 8mm x 5mm
Small Heart cookie - 6mm x 5mm