Gamer Polyhedral Dice Silicone Mold (Cap Molds)


Gamer Polyhedral Dice Silicone Mold is a S&T original designed silicone mold made with thick, solid and durable silicone.

This is our newest version of dice molds!

These dice mold comes with either 2 or 3 parts, the main dice and cap with the blank side number etched on it.

The structure of the mold is made in a way that it will not deform over time and the silicone will not turn dull with multiple use. It is not thin and filmsy like other dice molds on the market.

Because that it splits, 2 or 3 parts, it is easy to create inclusions and easy to demold. The only exception is D8, which you can use a stick to help to scoop it out.

Our dice molds can be placed into a vaccum chamber for bubble-free or use with our epoxy resin 3:1 to achieve bubble-free.

Features of the molds: 

  • Solid and Durable
  • Does not Rip Easily
  • Easy Demolding
  • Minimal Flashing for Cleanup
  • Easy to Ink
  • No Voids at Cap

For best results, use our S&T Diamond UV-LED resin or S&T AB 3:1 Epoxy resin.

This product and design is copyrighted by Sophie & Toffee, all rights reserved.

Pack Size: A set of 7 pieces
Material: Silicone
D4: 20mm
D6: 15mm
D8: 20mm x 25mm
D10: 20mm x 25mm
D-Percentile: 20mm x 25mm
D12: 18mm
D20: 20mm