Glow in the Dark Chunky Glitter (10 colors)


Glow in the Dark Chunky Glitter is a glowing confetti which glows in the dark after charging with light.

It has a mixture of fine glitters and chunky glitters as well as glow in the dark glitters.

The pigment powder comes sealed in a small acrylic container, for easy application and storage.

Each container consist of 5 grams of powder and glows very bright.

You can use this powder with epoxy resin, UV resin, polymer clay, nail art and more.
Just a little will be sufficient when using with resin. Too much of these will make the resin sticky.

Comes in a pretty limited edition Sophie & Toffee ziplock. 

Pack Size: A set of 10 colors, 5 grams each
Colors: As shown