Pearlescent Sealing Wax Beads


These are mixed, colour-coordinated wax beads.  It is ideal for invitation cards, wedding stationery, gift wrapping and mailing.

Sealing is such a wonderful thing for custom invitations, scrapbooks, decorative packaging and a whole host of paper craft projects. With the wax seal stamp, you could be able to personalize anything! We offer our wax in so many different colors it gets really exciting!

Feel free to mix your waxing or add glitter, or whatever could be better.


Pack Size: 1 bottle (Approx. 200 pieces)


- Take out the wax particle color you want
- Drop the melting wax on the surface (paper, glass, marble, etc)
- Press your stamp gently into the wax, and hold for 5-10 seconds, finally remove the stamp carefully and you can get your work.