Padico "Moon Drop" UV-LED Resin 500g (for silicone molds)

SKU: 403326

Padico "Moon Drop" UV Resin for Molds is designed with use with silicone molds, with minimizing shrinkage and warp, no wrinkles in curing with silicone mold.  Crystal clear resin with long term non-yellowing protection.

Advantages of using this UV Resin:

✿ Cured with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(36W)
✿ Crystal clear resin with long term* non-yellowing protection.
✿ No wrinkles or creases in curing with silicone mold.
✿ Cure starts in a second, and completely done in 30-120 seconds.
✿ Expose the light from top side & the bottom one for sure to cure inside of the resin.
✿ Minimize the warp of the resin in curing.
✿ Low heat shrinkage 3.5% gives better performance with open back bezels.
✿ Cure well under the sunlight.
✿ The surface of a cured item does not cause stickness feeling.

*There may be a case of discoloration caused by aged deterioration.

✿ LED & UV light at 6W - 9W, cure within 30~120 seconds
✿ UV light at 36W, cure within 2-4 mins
✿ Under direct sunlight, cure within 30~120 seconds


Pack Size: 500g