Oyumaru Reusable Mold Maker Plastic Clay (from Japan) (2 pieces)

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This product allows you to make molds which you can reuse over and over again!

It can easily pick up details in mold-making, which allows you to use it with polymer clay, and resin.

This product is also a plastic clay, which you can use to make different miniature creations and fake sweets.

You can mix the colours together to achieve your desired shade.

This product is suitable for children over 6 years of age.


This mold maker comes with 2 pieces of the same color.


  • Make sure that the water you use to soften the clay is above 80 degrees, it must be hot enough to soften it
  • Condition it and shape it into the size you desire
  • Place and push the piece into the mold
  • Leave for 5 mins for the mold to harden
  • Remove the piece and you are ready to use the mold!



Pack Size: 2 pieces