Pastel Color Art Icing UV-LED Resin

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Beautiful colours of Color Art UV-LED Resin from Japan allows you to do drawings and writings with it!

These are very thick type of resin and will dry puffy which creates a dimension effect with it.

They also smell surprising nice for resin and has a narrow tip applicator allows for easier use.

Because they are both UV and LED resin, you can use both type of light for curing. It cures super fast under UV light, so you don't need to wait much at all!

These resin are especially useful for crafting cookies resin where you use them as thick icing. They are also brilliant for writing names or words onto of your resin pieces.

Advantages of using our Color Art UV-LED Resin:

✿ Beautiful pastel shades of colours.
✿ One of its kind to achieve puffy resin pieces.
✿ Smells surprisedly pleasant.



Volume: 10ml