Pastel Color Shaker Oil 60ml


Sophie & Toffee Food Grade Shaker Oil are for you to use with your shaker molds, charms and snow globes!

These are upgraded food grade oil which is meant for crafting with shakers. It doesn't have odour compared to previous version or those in the market.

They come with a safety cap to prevent leakage. You will need to push down and turn the cap in order to open it.

With the fine tip, you can directly administer the oil into the molds.
The colours might look dark in the bottles but when you pour them out into the molds, it is actually much lighter and transparent.

Advantages of using our Shaker Oil:

  • Pre-mixed solution for you to achieve shaker effect without much bubbles
  • Easy to use compared to having to mix baby oil with water and you might not get the ratio correctly
  • Using plain water in shakers will eventually have the water evaporate

Pack Size: 60ml