Round Confetti Polymer Clay Fake Sprinkles Toppings (50 grams)

$4.67 $6.67

Ready baked polymer clay fake toppings sprinkles and confetti in beautiful colors! Use them to decorate your fake cupcakes or decorations for your slime!

They each comes in a hefty pack of 50 grams, enough to last for a few projects or for your slime creations.

These are already baked, so no more baking is required!
Comes in a ziplock bag of 50 grams.

How to use:

‚úø Use as fake candy toppings on polymer clay cupcakes
‚úø Use as fillers in resin or in decoden whip case craft
‚úø Use as decorative fake candy props

Pack Size: 50 grams
Measurements: Approx. 5mm
Material: Polymer Clay