Squishy Pigment Dye for Squishy Gel

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Sophie & Toffee newest Squishy Pigment Dye was created to use with our Squishy Gel.
Squishy Gel material can only be mixed with specific dyes, mixing with other dyes might interfere with the curing process.

Hence, we formulated a new pigment just for our Squishy Gel!
They are easy to use and a few drops is sufficient to create opaque colours.

Mix and match the different colours to achieve your desired colours.
More colours will be coming soon!

Note: You will need to cut off the tip of the applicator in order to use. They are sealed up to prevent leakage.

These bottles are under a lot of pressure and you will need to be extra careful when cutting off the tips, as the ink might splatter everywhere.


Watch the tutorial:

Pack Size: 15ml
Colors: Red / Blue / White / Yellow / Black / Orange / Green / Violet