Translucent Silicone Mold Maker (200ml)

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Translucent Silicone Mold Maker is of food grade which you can use for soap crafts, food and chocolate making as well as for resin craft!

It is entirely non-toxic, easy to use and dry within a few hours.

You do not need to worry about any odour or bubbles-forming as these are high quality made.

Once you mixed your solution, you can see the tiny bubbles slowly disappearing!

This mold maker will cure in semi-transparent colour and will be ideal to use with Epoxy Resin, UV Resin and Polymer Clay crafts.

Note: This mold maker is not suitable to cast with UV resin made pieces.


  • This is a 1:1 ratio mix
  • Mix up Part A and Part B equally
  • Stir thoroughly for 3-10 mins, you can ignore the bubbles as it will disappear
  • Place your item in a container or a cutter with a tape to hold the piece in place
  • Pour in your mixture and wait for curing (within 4-6 hours)


Pack Size: A - 100ml, B - 100ml