We recently launched a new product which is called JellyWhip™!
These are made with transparency instead of the normal solid colored whip. They give an added option to colored whip, whether with transparency, with glitters or just solid colored!

S&T JellyWhip™

S&T JellyWhip™

We added the new range of transparent whip as well as glitter whip which we called them JellyWhip™.
They are totally silicone-free with no odor at all, in fact in all of our whip, we added fruity fragrance to make them enjoyable to use.

Watch this yummy video tutorial how on you can use our new JellyWhip™ to decorate your mobile case. The transparency effect makes it look just like jelly on your case!

Notice that our Glitter JellyWhip™ is more transparent in order to allow the glitters to be shown. We are also considering to add more glitters in our next version!

S&T Lilac Glitter JellyWhip™, available as a kit here.

Besides decorating mobile cases, you can use our whip to decorate almost anything! You can decorate little containers to brighten up your desk as shown in this video.

November 04, 2015