We recently launched a series of our own brand polymer clay in different effects and colours. Our newest polymer clay is to achieve ease of use and conditioning compared to other major polymer clay brands in the market. 
Also, to solve the problem of not having an oven to bake clay, you can actually boil our polymer clay!

With many effects and colours to choose from: PearlTranslucentNeonMetal and Classic - the creativity is endless!

Each block of our clay comes in a good size of 100-120g and are hand-cut individually by us.

We get Rachel from creativesculpey to do a review on our clay and also a short demo of using the clay to make charms! In the video, she used these colours:

  • Pearl Pink, Mint
  • Translucent White
  • Metal Gold
  • Classic White, Black, Vanilla

Sophie & Toffee Polymer Clay

Notice in the video of how easy it was to use the clay, not much conditioning was needed. The resulting effect was splendid and high-quality. In the video, you will also watch how to boil our clay correctly! If the heat is too much, the boiling bubble might cause the pieces to come apart. So watch the heat and tune it accordingly.


August 13, 2015