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Silicone Squishy Maker Gel (100g)

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Pack Size:
A - 50g, B - 50g
Silicone Squishy Maker Gel (100g)

Sophie & Toffee Squishy Gel allows you to make gummy and squishy type of products!

It is preferred to use plastic molds or silicone putty or plastic clay with this product.
Some silicone molds might adhere to the gel when curing.

You can use a little of powder type of food coloring to mix in colors for this product.

Be careful not to mix too much pigment, as it will affect the curing of the gel.
Note: Acrylic Paint and Resin Pigment coloring cannot be used with this gel, the gel will not cure.


The mixing ratio for our Squishy Gel is A:B = 1:1
You will receive the A in 50grams and B in 50grams.

Advantages of using our Squishy Gel:

✿ Much easier to cure as compared to other brands
✿ Cure less sticky as compared to other brands
✿ Bubbles will dissolve on its own during the curing process
✿ Low odour
✿ Affordable

Estimated curing time in 25-26 degree temperature: up to 24 hours.

Watch the tutorial and review of this product: