Disney Kingdom Hearts Coasters Resin Craft Kit


Disney Kingdom Hearts Coasters Resin Craft Kit is an officially licensed product by Disney, designed and produced by Sophie & Toffee.

Original molds design have special stained glass effect etched on the molds, so that you can use it for other stained glass project.

4 different mold designs are included in this kit, to create your own Ultimate Kingdom Hearts Coasters Set as a gift or to add to your Kingdom Hearts collection!

7 different design films are included to allow you to mix and match and explore different style each time, allowing you to create different sets.

Materials used for the molds are of superb quality, using clear platinum silicone and pieces pop out of these molds are shiny.

Exclusive design films are made with foil of colored high quality print.

The amount of designs on the films allows you to make at least 4 different coaster sets!

In this kit, you will receive:

✿ 4 different stained glass style etched coaster molds
✿ 7 exclusive design films printed on colored quality


All items are exclusive to this kit only. This is a limited edition product, while stocks last.

Pack Size: 4 Molds + 7 Design Films
Measurements: Product: 9CM / Mold: 10CM
Material: Clear Platinum Silicone / High Quality Print Transparent Films