Disney Lilo & Stitch Resin Craft Box


Presenting Lilo & Stitch theme goodies, all in a beautifully curated resin craft box! This box features all of the characters in the movie and allows you to make unique official licensed products.

Disney Stitch Surfboard Silicone Mold

Embrace the summer together with Stitch on his icon surfboard! These surfboards have so many beautiful details on them which makes them pop. There is also a ready made hole at the top so that you can hang them up in your car or anywhere else.

Make your own customized Stitch surfboard with the different colours and glitters you desired. You can also use our coconut scented uv resin to create an air freshener in your car!


All molds in this box are handmade with extreme care and we only ship the best quality molds. The molds are made with super clear platinum silicone which allows you to use UV resin or Epoxy resin.


Disney Lilo & Stitch BFF Silicone Mold

Share your love with our Lilo & Stitch Best of Friends design, where you get to make necklaces for your best friends and wear them together!

Make your own customized Lilo & Stitch Best of Friends charms and you can even have an option to embed small magnets at their hands so that they will touch each other.

Disney Stitch Travel Tag Silicone Mold

Travel the world in style with Stitch Travel Tag! Hook up this travel tag together with your luggage and show off to your family and friends what you made!

Make your own customized Stitch Travel Tag in different colours and glitters. Colour the mold with either resin or acrylic paint, the designs on the mold are 3D textured and will transfer to the finished piece beautifully.

Disney Stitch Boba Tea Shaker Silicone Mold

Quench the hot summer with special edition Stitch Boba Tea! This cute design features boba bubble and different summer theme inserts. The shaker is a two piece design where you get to make a resin lid to cover the boba shaker.

Make your own customized Stitch Boba Tea Shaker that will amaze your family and friends. Hook the shaker up on your bag or mobile to show them off!

The silicone molds are made of food grade silicone. You can use them for making chocolates, soaps, candy and ice if the molds have never been used with resin.

Officially licensed by Disney, first ever curated resin craft box for Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

In this box, you will receive:

✿ Stitch Surfboard Mold
✿ Lilo & Stitch BFF Mold
✿ Stitch Boba Tea Shaker Mold

✿ Stitch Travel Tag Mold
✿ Stitch Open Bezel Charms x 6
✿ Lilo & Stitch Clear Resin Film
✿ Coconut Crystal LED Resin (30ml)

✿ Odourless LED Resin (70g)
UV Resin for Silicone Molds (25g)
✿ Dreamy Glitters x 2 random colors
✿ Mica Pigment Powder x 3 colors
✿ Luggage Tag x 2
✿ Gold Chain x 2
✿ Green Shaker Oil

How to Use